DeFi has justly been criticized for its subpar security standards. Last year, we saw a 300 million USD hack on Solana wormhole. Security is a constant battle, and there is no single solution for it. We will always prioritize security over features or development speed.

We will employ the following security measures to fight hacks:

  • 100% unit test coverage

  • Formal verification tools once Move prover is updated

  • Working MVP on a test-net before deployment

  • Security audits before every deployment

  • Upgradeable contracts to fix bugs post-deployment

  • Bug bounties

  • Secure oracles with backups

  • Time locks to protect users from future changes

  • Multi-signature wallets

We are Open-source

Open source platforms like Interest Protocol promote transparency and builds trust, encourages collaboration and innovation. We are accessible to users even those with limited resources. We feel secure because our vulnerabilities can be identified and fixed faster.

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