The current tasks the development team is working on can be found here. Some tasks are not on the roadmap: UI optimizations, bug fixes, etc...
The roadmap below is the miles stones the team wishes to deliver. Our roadmap is a Todo list because we only ship a major feature once it is ready for public use.
  • Volatile + Stable SWAP
  • Masterchef Farms
  • Dinero ERC20 lending markets
  • Dinero LP tokens lending markets
  • Stable Vaults
  • Deploy DEX v1 on Sui Dev net
  • Deploy DEX v2 on Sui Dev net
  • Deploy Farms on Sui Dev net
  • Sui Lending Protocol
  • Seed Round
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Concentrated Liquidity on Sui DEX
  • Audits (Certik/Peckshield/etc...)
  • Main net Deployment (BNB Chain)
  • Deploy on Sui Main net
  • Dinero PCS LP tokens lending markets
  • Dinero BSW LP tokens lending markets
  • Interest Bearing Stable Vaults
  • Interest Bearing Token Dinero Markets
  • Ethereum Expansion
  • DAO
The todos can change.