Interest Token

How to get it?

It is rewarded to liquidity providers to ensure that our DEX has enough liquidity to operate.


  • It is used to start and vote on proposals to improve Interest Protocol and update parameters.
  • Profits from all products (Vaults, Lending Markets, DEX) will be shared with Interest Token holders by burning it every quarter, similarly to how Binance does with BNB. The goal is that over time the burn rate of Int will be higher than the minting rate.


Name: Interest Token
Symbol: Int
Decimals: 18


Interest token is an ERC20 token enhanced with the EIP-2612 to allow for approvals with signatures via the permit function. For non-developers, it will enable gas-free transactions to enhance the UX. It also supports Compound like voting with delegation to support a DAO in the future.
Tokenomics are private/public sales are TBD