How do we learn about interest protocol?
Start by going over our landing page. Afterward, go over our documentation. Then try our dApp! If you find any difficulties, message us on telegram.
What is it based on?
Interest Protocol is DEX and Lending Protocol. Liquidity Providers can get stablecoin loans for free to offset the impermanent loss. Our DEX supports two trading algorithms. One for volatile assets(BTC/ETH) and the other for correlated assets(BUSD/USDC).
What are the plans for marketing?
The priority of the team was to focus on the product. Now, we will focus on driving more capital and doing marketing. The current plan is to work on a referral/affiliate program, coordinate with Certik and Chainlink to do marketing campaigns, and work with a set of Youtubers to provide constant updates about our progress.
Will there be an airdrop?
The plan is to conduct a public sale to cover the audit, development, and marketing costs. However, if the community presents a strong case for an airdrop, the team will consider it.
What are the partnerships?
We are communicating with the BNB chain operations team to attract more users. After the public sale, we plan to work closely with Certik and Chainlink. We are already in talks with both entities.
What are the real-world applications?
We plan to create a mobile app that will allow real-world users to open a savings account powered by DeFi stablecoins.
Interest Protocol has two tokens.
  • Dinero is an overcollateralized stablecoin minted by contracts. It has an elastic supply. It is minted when users get loans and burned when borrowers repay them.
  • Interest Token is a governance token with no maximum supply and a fixed minting rate. It is distributed via farms to specific LP tokens as a reward for providing liquidity to the protocol.
Interest Token distribution is not final. Consider the figures below a rough draft.
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Venture Capitalists
  • 10% Public Sale
  • 60% Farming Rewards
When Launch?
There is no set launch date. We started by developing the product, which is now available on the BNB Chain Test net. Now the team intends to do friends and family raise to build the community. Afterward, we plan to conduct a public sale.