The Interest Protocol Swap supports stable and volatile swaps.

Why a DEX?

The decentralized exchanges on the BNB chain lack two important features. One is they do not implement an on-chain oracle, and the second is that they usually focus on one class of assets. As a user, why do I have to use different platforms to swap stablecoins and volatile coins? Our DEX addresses both issues.
When a user makes a swap, our DEX will identify the most profitable algorithm to use. It will use the Curve formula if it is a swap between stablecoins. Otherwise, it will use the constant product formula.
Lastly, our DEX has a built-in TWAP Oracle that allows anyone to fetch an untempered price of any listed token.
Unique Features:
  • Supports Curve formula
  • Supports constant product formula
  • 15 min TWAP Oracle