User Acquisition

We plan to target crypto investors and non-crypto investors.

Crypto Investors

A strong community attracts new crypto investors, builds trust, and disseminates knowledge.
Content quality, volume, and openness will be our core strategy.


Community managers should not act as a gateway between the community and the core team. The closer the core team is to the community, the better the feedback on how to improve the product.


This includes social media posts, AMAs with other crypto communities, Twitter Spaces, weekly community calls, and weekly YouTube videos. It is crucial to keep the community up-to-date and educated on the current product.

Non-Crypto investors

We plan to develop a mobile application targeted to non-crypto users that will expose them to above-average market returns by leveraging DeFi with one click.
This mobile application will use Interest Protocol and other protocols like PancakeSwap, Biswap, and Venus. The average person wants high returns but still finds DeFi Applications very complex to use. We will solve this problem through centralization and abstraction.