Go-To-Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy consists of exposing our project to the biggest DeFi communities namely Pancakeswap, Chainlink and Certik communities.
We plan to apply for a Pancake IFO, and syrup pool and conduct AMAs and market campaigns with Chainlink and Certik.
Crypto investors do not know how to read code. Therefore, they rely on reputable sources to invest in new projects. This is especially true in DeFi due to the number of rugs and security breaches. Therefore, the best way to enter the market is by leveraging the most reputable protocols in the space.
Recently, Coinstore contacted us to do an IEO on their platform to give us exposure to the Asian market.
The incubator programs developed by BNB Chain and Binance Labs are also two strong indicators that investors look for in projects. We intend to join them to learn from the industry leaders how to improve Interest Protocol's strategy to help the BNB Chain DeFi industry.